Country Club and Frida Kahlo.

So I had dinner tonight with some ex-Brown alumni and a Legally Blonde-type dunce. "Yeah, I scratched myself a little getting in and out of the boat." They'll be scars.

She, and her Air Force fiancé, spent the afternoon golfing at an island three hours from Seattle, or 45 minutes driving and 20 minutes by boat.

Oh, and now I've heard complete stories of the weddings of least three of her friends, including the total attendance, color choices of the brides' maids dress, and how each of the couples are doing now.

Luckily, we ended up going to Galerias on Broadway. It has a full bar. Aoki, my previous choice, is closed on Mondays. This Japanese place serves only sake and beer. Ick, yes? And previous to dinner I had stopped at Purr. I'm no alcoholic...it's a holiday weekend.


A lunch date will occupy my July 4th afternoon. I'm nearly certain it will suck. Lunch dates most always do. Although the guy seems nice...




Jody Watley. See her at The Cuff Street Party. http://www.cuffcomplex.com/



Cool, yes? A painting, courtesty of www.davispaintings.com.